In Defence of the President

Business Standard asked in its ‘Have Your Say’ section today, “Is the media giving too much negative publicity to the current president?” In the light of the recent stories on President Pratibha Patil’s alleged land-grab (from ex-servicemen, no less), a whopping Rs. 205-crore expenditure on trips abroad with her family in tow (acquired after […]


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    One glaring difference between India and a mature democracy is that in India, any group with a grudge and the goons to back it can resort to violence or the threat of violence to shut down free speech. Extremist Hindu groups attack shops selling Valentine’s Day cards, fundamentalist Muslim clerics urge…

  • The Talibanisation of Hinduism

    So there we have it at last – Hindu terrorists. In September 2008, three bombs attached to bicycles exploded in Malegaon, a small town in Nasik District, Maharashtra. At least 37 people died and over 125 were injured in what was clearly an attack on the Muslim community in the […]