An Economy of Souls

An Economy of Souls

Tweeter @hguptapolicy (HG) owes me a Sunday afternoon. I was about to take a quick nap before getting back to work when a chirp of his popped up on my twitter timeline. Basically, it said that if a person in Tamil Nadu wanted to become a Christian for $500, then […]


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  • A Matter of Law

    Contrary to popular belief, restrictions on proselytisation placed by some state governments in India is neither in violation of the freedom of religion nor is it a departure from an international consensus. The phrase, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions” is supposed to have originated with St. […]

  • For God or for Country? Religion and Nationalism in Africa and India

    Nationalism in sub-Saharan Africa occupies its own unique place in the study of nationalisms. It is at once reactive to and adoptive of European ideas of society. Reactive, in that African nationalism, as in Asia and South America, grew out of a necessary response to European imperial rule, and adoptive […]

  • Fear and Loathing in Switzerland

    Fear and Loathing in Switzerland

    (Note: Reposting orignal post from my earlier blog, relevant again in context of possible ban on Niqab by Dutch Govt.) So what exactly  is my problem with Swiss minaret ban? Now all crypto Hindu fascists are more or less gloating over the ban and I think that’s wrong. Before I […]

  • Talking about Islam (Another take)

    Talking about Islam (Another take)

    (Note. From my old blog, a rather rambling post, originally titled Faithful, beseiged. Posted here because it is somewhat relevant to the thought provoking posts (I & II)by Satyananda. This post doesn’t directly contradict what he said, but puts the matter in a different light) I think it should come […]

  • Hair-Trigger Hysteria

    One glaring difference between India and a mature democracy is that in India, any group with a grudge and the goons to back it can resort to violence or the threat of violence to shut down free speech. Extremist Hindu groups attack shops selling Valentine’s Day cards, fundamentalist Muslim clerics urge…

  • Politics of Dress

    In August 2009, Sri Venkataramana Swamy College, Mangalore, banned the wearing of the burqah on the college campus. The particular subject of this ban, Ayesha Amin, is a seventeen-year old First Year B.Com student from Bantwal, a nearby village. Seetharama Mayya, the Principal of SVS College, said that Asmin can […]

  • The Talibanisation of Hinduism

    So there we have it at last – Hindu terrorists. In September 2008, three bombs attached to bicycles exploded in Malegaon, a small town in Nasik District, Maharashtra. At least 37 people died and over 125 were injured in what was clearly an attack on the Muslim community in the […]