Humble appeal

Not that anybody is going to listen to me but still… Please, for love of God, stop pretending/deluding yourself that we have some intellectually coherent “right” in India. I know why you are doing that, you have a ready-made template of political categorization in American politics, it is so much […]


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  • You sanctimonious turkey!*

    Note: Usually I refrain from posting as this will drag down the quality of CRI especially since the infamous Julio-Claudian supporter joined it   but this time …. well I cant control you are  forewarned! Yes Sherna Gandhy, there is nothing demeaning about calling Uma Bharati  “Sexy Sanyasin”, or publishing innuendos about […]

  • Politics (as understood by Indian Middle Class)

    Politics (as understood by Indian Middle Class)

    1. Diarrhea is as bad as terminal cancer. Exactly same. No difference. “Sab Chor Hai” 2. One way to cure headache is decapitation. “I am against violence, but Naxalites have legitimate grievances” 3. If you want to lose your weight, then you must binge on even more Samosa. “Lokpal Lokpal. Anna is […]