Why Modi must fight on F.D.I.

Why Modi must fight on F.D.I.

Yes yes, I know what you are thinking, the answer, assuming you were trying to rob and were stopped cold by Harry Callahan, “Do I Feel Lucky”. On the other hand, the rest of you,  non-robbing people, might be thinking more in lines of “Huh,  what the hell you are […]


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  • The one where Narendra Modi can’t cry.

    The one where Narendra Modi can’t cry.

    That Indian liberals harbour same sentiments for NaMo as vampires did for Buffy Summers, is possibly one of the most uncontested facts of Indian politics. Now, with the caveat that I am hardly a neutral observers to this,  for many of these liberals, Narendra Modi is just a scapegoat to […]

  • No Apologies For Mr Modi

    A short post this. On twitter podfather, raises the question which has been raised by many secularists and human beings, why doesn’t Narendra Modi express regret for post Godhra riots. I don’t claim any particular insight on Modi’s mind but here are what I believe may be the reason(s) 1. […]

  • The Romney Challenge: Aftermath

    The Romney Challenge: Aftermath

    As all of you must know by now (unless you are a hermit living in cave, in which case how are you accessing the blog?) , Obama was able to fend off challenge by Romney, in a keenly contested election. Publicly, the Republican establishment including Romney Campaign professed shock at […]

  • Modi, interrupted? (Updated)

    Update at the end Note: As a recovering political junkie, I avoid electoral politics, but this issue has broader implications.     With his expected victory in coming Gujarat elections, Shri Narendra Modi is nearly certain to be BJP/NDA prime ministerial candidate for coming Lok Sabha elections. However I am not […]

  • Big Ideas for Big Books

    Big Ideas for Big Books

    I have written about the lack of ‘big books’ for a political movement as a symptom of its inability to move beyond previous ideologies, and at the same time ‘big books’ as a means of achieving the very task of original philosophical exploration and expansion. Now we need a process […]

  • The Truth Of Indian Politics

    The Truth Of Indian Politics

    (Reposting from my previous blog)   Words have meaning, therefore they should be used only when we intend the meaning and not something different. This is basic rule of debate. Similarly care should be taken in misusing the word. The word should be misused in order to undermine the opponent’s […]

  • Quotes: Bread And Circus Democracy

    Quotes: Bread And Circus Democracy

    “A perfect democracy, a ‘warm body’ democracy in which every adult may vote and all votes count equally has no internal feedback for self correction. It depends solely on the wisdom and self-restraint of citizens…which is opposed by the folly and lack of self-restraint of other citizens. What is supposed […]

  • Quotes: Extreme democracy

    Quotes: Extreme democracy

    A fifth form of democracy, in other respects the same, is that in which, not the law, but the multitude, have the supreme power, and supersede the law by their decrees.This is a state of affairs brought about by the demagogues. For in democracies which are subject to the law […]