Exorcising Non-Alignment

The term ‘non-alignment’ is a millstone around any strategic debate in India, and unjustifiably so. This is partly because of poor scholarship in India, even worse access to the official records of the government, and unbelievably sycophantic political leaders and media. As a result, the term is improperly understood at best, […]


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  • Do demographics support Priyanka’s comparison with Indira Gandhi?

    Do demographics support Priyanka’s comparison with Indira Gandhi?

    There seems to be a misplaced view among Congress party workers, supporters and detractors alike that PriyankaVadra is like a second coming of Indira Gandhi or someone who closely resembles her grand mother in looks and style that it will boost Congress electoral fortunes by reminding people of her grand […]

  • A Hagiography of the First Family

    A Hagiography of the First Family

    This account by Rani Singh is a hagiography of Sonia Gandhi. The author makes it clear right at the start that she does not intend it to be a definitive political critique of Sonia Gandhi but “to tell the story…using research and interviews with those who know or have known her” which […]

  • A Vote for Genocide

    …The mobs carried iron rods, knives, clubs, and combustible material, including kerosene. They used voters’ lists, allegedly provided, by the Congress Party politicians themselves, to identify houses and business establishments owned by—The mobs swarmed into—neighborhoods, arbitrarily killing any—they could find. Their shops and houses were ransacked and burned. In other […]