Show Dont Tell

Much of my original posting on CRI has been in way of criticism without offering any positive alternative or solution, one  reason for this, as the cliché goes, criticism is easy, other is my own political views are still work in progress (As Oscar Wilde said, “I am not young enough to […]


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  • Demographic trend and the Hindu vote

    Demographic trend and the Hindu vote

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah was convinced Muslims couldn’t coexist with Hindus. It’s another matter that he used a different excuse to further his agenda. Something that purportedly went by wanting to protect rights of Muslims in a Hindu majority India. Thus came into existence the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The country’s […]

  • Theatre of the Absurd

    Theatre of the Absurd

    Earlier this afternoon something rather strange happened with me. I was scrolling down my Twitter timeline when I came across some tweets joking about Youth Congress members burning copies of Times of India rather than TIME magazine, protesting the cover story that was rather critical of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s […]