The Warped Minority Debate

The Warped Minority Debate

“All of us sitting here on stage have been outspoken advocates of secularism & the rights of Muslims” said a prime time TV news debate anchor on a panel debate at Jaipur Literary Festival. It is quite an interesting quote. Read it again. Much of the debate on minorities and […]


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  • Badge of shame

    Badge of shame

    Nathaniel Hawthorne’s timeless classic “The Scarlet  Letter” is set in a puritan settlement in Boston in 17th century. A young woman Hester Prynne lives in seclusion with her young daughter, scorned by everyone, and is forced to wear a huge scarlet letter ‘A’ on her chest, a punishment for her […]

  • AFSPA and the debate in vacuum

    AFSPA and the debate in vacuum

    A new storm is brewing over the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA). We can credit this development to the young Chief Minister ofJammu and Kashmir Mr. Omar Abdullah who could not help but “think out aloud” wondering if he could lift the AFSPA from certain areas. The purported rationale […]

  • Why so didactic?

    Why so didactic?

    What is the overwhelming feeling one is left with when one has just experienced yet another primetime TV news debate or has read a column by our star TV journalists? Does one feel having experienced a debate? Does one feel all points of views were expressed? Does one feel the […]

  • Some popular myths revisited

    Some popular myths revisited

    Manmohan Singh is a paragon of honesty. That was true in 2004. But boy, does this sound ridiculous now or what! He was a very clever choice for the Congress party high command that could not become the Prime Minister herself. But as the past 7 years have proved, he […]