Media on IAC: Stopping short…

Media on IAC: Stopping short…

On 23rd August, CNN-IBN asked:  At 10 pm tonight…Will Anna’s protest style now become a precedent for the future?  A precedent? Really? So no one threatened and blackmailed the government with a fast unto death till date? Why go way back into the past, lets go to Dec 2009 when […]


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  • Key Issues in the Lokpal Debate

    Key Issues in the Lokpal Debate

    I am writing this as a quick primer for dummies on some key issues involved in the Lokpal bill. 1. Appointments: The key question has been whether the political as opposed to the “apolitical” government must have primacy in the selection committee and whether a search committee with civil society […]

  • Arundhati’s fears

    Arundhati’s fears

    I have just read Arundhati Roy’s lead piece attacking the India Against Corruption movement. If we are to believe what she says then the India Against Corruption movement seeks to overthrow the Indian State much like the Maoists. But we, the mere mortals, are not immediately enlightened as to how […]

  • Role of a Model Legislator

    Role of a Model Legislator

    The parliamentary prerogative versus people’s rights debate has been playing itself out in the media ever since the Anna Hazare movement began. Anna Hazare’s slogan has been that people are the masters and the government exists to serve them; they should therefore listen to the “voice of the people” as […]

  • Imagining Nilekani’s politics

    Imagining Nilekani’s politics

    I have been meticulously following the vibrant intellectual cottage industry that has developed around expert commenting on India’s anti-corruption eruptions and in my assessment political scientist Vinay Sitapathi’s brilliantly done structural analysis of Anna Hazare movement clearly stands out. Although those in the vanguard of the movement spawn the entire ideological spectrum […]

  • Chesterton’s Fence

    Chesterton’s Fence

    In the matter of reforming things, as distinct from deforming them, there is one plain and simple principle; a principle which will probably be called a paradox. There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate […]

  • Manmohan Singh: Lacking in legitimacy

    Manmohan Singh: Lacking in legitimacy

    At the time of writing this it is yet unclear as to how the ugly situation rising out of government’s mishandling Kisan Baburam Hazare’s protest-fast is going to be defused. Whilst speculation on next steps in the government’s crisis management continue to abound in the usual media outlets I should […]