Historians in a bubble

Historians in a bubble

As defined by its constitution its primary object is the “promotion and encouragement of the scientific study of Indian history”. That is the main objective of the Indian History Congress, a body with 9,000 members as claimed by its website. What does “scientific study” mean? Here’s what Wikipedia says – […]


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  • Quotes: Extreme democracy

    Quotes: Extreme democracy

    A fifth form of democracy, in other respects the same, is that in which, not the law, but the multitude, have the supreme power, and supersede the law by their decrees.This is a state of affairs brought about by the demagogues. For in democracies which are subject to the law […]

  • Talking about Islam (Another take)

    Talking about Islam (Another take)

    (Note. From my old blog, a rather rambling post, originally titled Faithful, beseiged. Posted here because it is somewhat relevant to the thought provoking posts (I & II)by Satyananda. This post doesn’t directly contradict what he said, but puts the matter in a different light) I think it should come […]

  • зараза (zaraza) – Marxists, the Indian Edition

    There used to be a time when being labelled as a Marxist was the death knell. Many of us have lived through McCarthy’s America and not many of us liked it, primarily because the assumptions and inferences drawn from the accusations were preposterous and unsubstantiated. But what if the accusations […]