Petrol and Other Stories

Petrol and Other Stories

The Government of India announced a 10% increase in the price of petroleum in the country a couple of days ago. The sharp spike in prices has shocked people – politicians, media, and the common man alike – into crying foul and debating subsidies, the government’s economic policy, and the […]


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  • Nation-building and the Myth of Homo Auctoritas

    Nation-building and the Myth of Homo Auctoritas

    In its fullest sense, nation-building refers to the process of creating a national identity – administrative as well as cultural – such that a new state is politically stable and viable. However, more commonly, it refers to the efforts of newly independent states (India, African states) or states that have […]

  • India’s "Black Hole"

    In the last week, two atrocities have occurred in the northeast Indian state of Bihar: first, a ten-year-old girl’s finger were chopped off for plucking a few leaves of spinach from a vegetable field, and yesterday, a middle-aged woman was tonsured and paraded half-naked on the orders of the husband […]