Man vs Wild

Man vs Wild

In an interview, a former President of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was asked why KKK burns the holy cross at their meetings, an act which could be construed as something that denigrates Christ. The President whose name I do not remember is claimed to have said that burning the […]


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  • Voices of India – Andhra Pradesh

    Voices of India – Andhra Pradesh

    Warning: Please keep in mind that some of the images in this post could be really disturbing, it  was necessary keeping in view some of the  issues we were examining.  Also please note, this  feature is to show the ground reality as it is,  there is no ideological bias here. […]

  • Voices of India: Odisha

    Voices of India: Odisha

    From quite some time, I had been wanting to do a study on how 20 years of  reforms  affected the people of  India. Most of the writing on the impact of  economic  reforms  was of two types  either it  was the  Shining  India  kind. gushing about the Malls, IT companies, […]