Assam Riots 2012: A saga of death and denial

Assam Riots 2012: A saga of death and denial

This is a guest post by a friend and well wisher of Centre Right India. The author can be found on Twitter as @vivekbabaji While Tarun Gogoi may dismiss that the entire state of Assam is not burning and only a few districts are it also goes on to highlight the […]


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    Theatre of the Absurd

    Earlier this afternoon something rather strange happened with me. I was scrolling down my Twitter timeline when I came across some tweets joking about Youth Congress members burning copies of Times of India rather than TIME magazine, protesting the cover story that was rather critical of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s […]

  • In Defence of the President

    Business Standard asked in its ‘Have Your Say’ section today, “Is the media giving too much negative publicity to the current president?” In the light of the recent stories on President Pratibha Patil’s alleged land-grab (from ex-servicemen, no less), a whopping Rs. 205-crore expenditure on trips abroad with her family in tow (acquired after […]

  • Do demographics support Priyanka’s comparison with Indira Gandhi?

    Do demographics support Priyanka’s comparison with Indira Gandhi?

    There seems to be a misplaced view among Congress party workers, supporters and detractors alike that PriyankaVadra is like a second coming of Indira Gandhi or someone who closely resembles her grand mother in looks and style that it will boost Congress electoral fortunes by reminding people of her grand […]

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    Badge of shame

    Nathaniel Hawthorne’s timeless classic “The Scarlet  Letter” is set in a puritan settlement in Boston in 17th century. A young woman Hester Prynne lives in seclusion with her young daughter, scorned by everyone, and is forced to wear a huge scarlet letter ‘A’ on her chest, a punishment for her […]

  • Debate or driving a wedge?

    Debate or driving a wedge?

    That our TV and newspaper debates have become didactic is increasingly apparent. But are they without any purpose? Without any motive? Why do opinion makers feel compelled to lead people in a certain direction? And does this direction lead people to a certain political choice while steering them away from […]

  • Some popular myths revisited

    Some popular myths revisited

    Manmohan Singh is a paragon of honesty. That was true in 2004. But boy, does this sound ridiculous now or what! He was a very clever choice for the Congress party high command that could not become the Prime Minister herself. But as the past 7 years have proved, he […]