Not the Only Game in Town

Not the Only Game in Town

The United States and India conducted the third round of their strategic dialogue last week. Although neither side is entirely happy with the other and analysts have bemoaned the overselling of the relationship under Bush 43, the dialogue saw a wide array of topics come under discussion, from agriculture, education, and […]


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  • The Opportunity Cost of…Woolly-Headedness

    The Opportunity Cost of…Woolly-Headedness

    The United States Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta, visited New Delhi this week on his eight-day tour of Asia. Despite a short stay, Panetta and his Indian counterpart, AK Anthony, discussed issues of major import to the relationship between the two countries – the sale of high-tech weaponry, particularly the […]

  • Tango with the Dragon

    Tango with the Dragon

    The Agni V is not the ace India was looking for in its security calculus with China. But what is? The successful test of the India’s Agni V missile recently has rekindled a nationalistic fervour in India. Blogs, newspapers, and the Inderatti (Indian twitterati) have been busy congratulating the scientists […]

  • A Pivot without a Lever

    My buddy Hans-Inge Langø over at the Hegemonic Obsessions blog recently posted what I thought was quite an interesting piece with deep perspective on the US pivot towards Asia in an era of growing Chinese power. As any good analysis would, it raised further questions regarding the shifting power dynamics in Asia, […]

  • Yellow Peril and Yellow Bellies

    Yellow Peril and Yellow Bellies

    Why does India’s policy towards Tibet and China leave much to be desired? It is not policy but an inculcated systemic weakness – political, intellectual, as well as military – that drives New Delhi’s China policy. With the 21st century promise of becoming an Asian century, international attention has shifted […]

  • Exorcising Non-Alignment

    The term ‘non-alignment’ is a millstone around any strategic debate in India, and unjustifiably so. This is partly because of poor scholarship in India, even worse access to the official records of the government, and unbelievably sycophantic political leaders and media. As a result, the term is improperly understood at best, […]

  • Towards an Indian Grand Strategy

    Towards an Indian Grand Strategy

    There is no clear definition of grand strategy that is fully satisfactory. The more one thinks about it, the more one realises how complex, uncertain, and even ephemeral its environment is to hazard embarking on such an endeavour. The Prussian military theorist, Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz, explained this experience of […]

  • The Dragon in Africa

    The Dragon in Africa

    The tragedy of Africa is that the African has never really entered history,The African peasant only knew the eternal renewal of time marked by the endless repetition of the same gestures and the same words. In this realm of fancy there is neither room for human endeavour nor the idea […]

  • The Indian Ushtrapakshi-asana

    The Indian Ushtrapakshi-asana

    On February 7, 2012, President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives resigned from office after what appears to be a bloodless coup d’etat in the tiny island nation. As a small crowd gathered in front of the army headquarters and chanted anti-government slogans, some members of the police force mutinied and […]