Lectures from Peripatos: On National Character

Lectures from Peripatos: On National Character

Historians of nationalism studying the modern period have been quite preoccupied with the idea of the nation as an imagined, limited, and sovereign political community.[1]  Despite convincing evidence of the categories in which they conceive of the nation having existed since at least the time of the Ancient Greeks, they […]


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  • Big Ideas for Big Books

    Big Ideas for Big Books

    I have written about the lack of ‘big books’ for a political movement as a symptom of its inability to move beyond previous ideologies, and at the same time ‘big books’ as a means of achieving the very task of original philosophical exploration and expansion. Now we need a process […]

  • Quotes: Extreme democracy

    Quotes: Extreme democracy

    A fifth form of democracy, in other respects the same, is that in which, not the law, but the multitude, have the supreme power, and supersede the law by their decrees.This is a state of affairs brought about by the demagogues. For in democracies which are subject to the law […]