A Liberal’s Call

A Liberal’s Call

As the only Liberal among a group of conservative bloggers, I feel it my duty to make the Liberal case for India. One the one hand, it is indeed a sign of how far progressives have hijacked the Liberal agenda that I find myself more in agreement with my fellow […]


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  • CRI Anniversary Edition Podcasts

    CRI Anniversary Edition Podcasts

    We have launched a series of podcasts to commemorate CRI’s 1st year anniversary. The series begins with Yossarain and will soon host leading right wing intellectuals and activists. Stay tuned!

  • The Political Animal

    The Political Animal

    For those who came late, we at CRI are having Aniversarypalooza, so far the posts have been nothing less than outstanding. This post is a modest attempt to bring the average down. To be honest, I was not sure about the direction to take in the post which will suit […]

  • Thinking of Indian Right

    Thinking of Indian Right

    Being Indian Right means various things to various people – even for those who consider themselves part of Indian Right. There are those who consider core Hindu values of inclusiveness, modesty, prudence, and forbearance as societal ideal that needs to be practiced, supported, and promoted. They are comfortable, usually due […]

  • Building a Conservative Movement: A Few Thoughts on the Way Forward

    Building a Conservative Movement: A Few Thoughts on the Way Forward

    This post is part of the CRI’s 1st year anniversary celebrations. We have launched a blogging festival where every member of the CRI Commentariat will participate and write on issues that affect their political outlook. Podcasts with Conservative intellectuals are also coming up, so stay tuned Nikunj Mehta has written […]

  • Back to the basics

    Back to the basics

    The ideal end state of our politics then must be a political and administrative system that is based in India’s social realities and harnesses its inherent strengths and manages its weaknesses so to enable us to reach our national goals. Towards this end, it is necessary to first reexamine commonly held beliefs about institutions, systems and ideologies, and expectations arising from these beliefs to lead us to desired results.

  • Pakistan: Of Summer Heat and Lemon Sellers

    Pakistan: Of Summer Heat and Lemon Sellers

    Here and elsewhere, the “masterly moves” by the great leader and distinguished economist led GOI have been analysed and explained to the lesser mortals. We are all told that the GOI has thought through all dimensions and based on real politik assessment, and the great master plan for India, the best possible way forward for India is to resume talks with Pakistan. Further more we are to realise that an intact Pakistan is in our national interest and will help us get to the economic superpowerdom faster.

  • What can the BJP learn from Britain’s Conservative Party?

    What can the BJP learn from Britain’s Conservative Party?

    As part of an effort to achieve policy renewal, I suggest that the BJP adopts a two pronged approach to plug the lacuna in information and research.

  • Intellectual Conservatism

    Intellectual Conservatism

    The conservative mind must open again for Hindu Nationalism itself is an inheritor a reformist intellectual tradition, the 19th century Hindu reformist movement of Bengal. At the core of that tradition was a emphasis on social reform to create a basis for national re-generation. This national re-generation of India as a civilization has to be the sole focus of the Right. Religion has its place in this framework, yet it cannot be the cornerstone of it.