The Lonely Forces

The Lonely Forces

First a little digression: On one frosty February afternoon in 1990, when my family was still in Kashmir, my cousins and I were playing in the courtyard of our house. Target killings by armed jihadis were rampant those days on the streets of Srinagar and as a result curfew was […]


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  • AFSPA and the debate in vacuum

    AFSPA and the debate in vacuum

    A new storm is brewing over the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA). We can credit this development to the young Chief Minister ofJammu and Kashmir Mr. Omar Abdullah who could not help but “think out aloud” wondering if he could lift the AFSPA from certain areas. The purported rationale […]

  • The politics around AFSPA

    The politics around AFSPA

    Long time ago, I made peace with something very basic about Kashmir. One could say the simplest and most obvious thing about Kashmir, yet it will invite multiple dissenting voices not based on logic but based on rhetoric. The noise gets so loud that it is hard to know truth […]