A country’s future and its place in the world is as much hinged upon the economic choices that it makes as upon its dominant self identity that informs its cultural persona. Its cultural persona is invariably shaped by the debate between competing narratives about its social present and its cultural / historical past. In this context, the necessity to have a strong discourse on the history and culture of this country cannot be under emphasized. The reigning discourse in India is essentially a left liberal one. Thanks to Macaulay, history & culture discourse in our education systems is fallacious & incorrect. Indian historiography is a child of British educational system that was designed to sub serve needs of empire.

From the arena of politics to that of culture and economics, this discourse has been having an octopus like stranglehold on the intellectual life of our country. Subodhini was formed to make a dent in this narrative. To provide a platform to authors and historians who are engaged in studying Indic history. Our motto is to spread knowledge and truth about Indian history through interactions and seminars. To that end we present our inaugural lecture on June 9, 2013 by Sandeep B. a young author, historian and Vedic scholar par excellence of today’s generation. Sandeep runs ‘The Rediscovery of India Blog’

subhodiniTitle: Grammar of an Indigenous Narrative                                                                              

There’s much talk about how the 21st Century belongs to India, and how India is all set to be the next superpower. However, given the current situation, most in India know that that statement is mere wishful thinking. 65 years political degradation has occurred owing perhaps to a singular fact–the loss of an indigenous narrative and the perpetuation of mental colonialism. Although efforts have been made to remedy the situation, we’ve been unable to shake off colonialized modes. This session hopes to explore some ideas on what the grammar of an indigenous narrative can look like.


Date: June 9, 2013 at 10.30 AM onwards

Venue: Kamala House, Kamla Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai


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