Populism: The Bane of Indian Policy Discourse

Populism: The Bane of Indian Policy Discourse

For quite some time, I have been writing on CRI under the pseudonym “Politically Incorrect”. Since the alter ego has served its purpose well and has no reason to exist anymore, I have decided to write henceforth under my true name. Ever since I took up the study of law...


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  • Masani and Swatantra Party

    Masani and Swatantra Party

    A tribute to one of India’s foremost liberals to mark his death anniversary.

  • Yasin Malik in Cuddalore : Fools rush in where angels fail to tread

    Yasin Malik in Cuddalore : Fools rush in where angels fail to tread

    Separatists and fringe elements would seek to thrive in constituencies where the Right refuses to seize the narrative.

  • Discovering Thiruvalluvar

    Discovering Thiruvalluvar

    I was travelling via a cab in Singapore yesterday, and as usual started talking with the cab driver. He is a 3rd generation Tamil here. During the discussion about religion and philosophy, he mentioned Thiruvalluvar. It took me the longest time to get the spelling of the name correct. And...

  • How to Use Technology for Censorship

    How to Use Technology for Censorship

    Preamble Censorship is an onerous responsibility and should not sit lightly on the shoulders of the honourable gentlemen and gentle ladies tasked with this duty. Fortunately in Independent India we have had a rich, varied, and long tradition of exercising this civil right with gay abandon mixed with sombre pronouncements of...

  • Migrating Realities – Urban Migration

    Migrating Realities – Urban Migration

    As they say, in India, politics is a sewer. It is full of filth and all sorts of evil. Communalism, fake secularism, regional parochialism, and a lot more isms that keep a common man a mile away from it, are its calling cards. Yet, when Raj Thackeray said, that ‘Bhaiyas’ (People...

  • Sad State of the BJP’s Central Leadership

    Sad State of the BJP’s Central Leadership

    Without an iota of doubt there is a growing disconnect between the common BJP karyakarta and the party’s central leadership.  Many of the party’s Delhi-based leaders are actively encouraging factionalism within the state units. If the trend continues, I have  doubt whether the party will be able to exploit the anti-incumbency wave...

  • The Afghanistan Syndrome

    The Afghanistan Syndrome

    Back in 2001, when NATO forces, invaded Afghanistan in the search of Osama Bin Laden, apart from the other obstacles which they faced was the lack of information system. As they say, in war, truth is the first casualty and information becomes priceless. Apart from weather, terrain and terrorists, lack...

  • Boston Bombings and Islam

    Boston Bombings and Islam

    Two Muslim brothers mercilessly placed a bomb at a marathon finish line in Boston recently, killing innocent bystanders. The victims included an eight year old child, who was waiting at the finish line to greet his father participating in the marathon. The Muslim terrorists were educated American citizens who had...