A Wishy Washy Opposition

A Wishy Washy Opposition

The oped pages of Indian Express carried an interesting debate on the question of hyphenated identities, their scope and their incorporation within the idea of India. Many left-liberals like Ashutosh Varshney had repeatedly pronounced that the Gujarat chief minister Shri Narendra Modi was incompatible with their idea of India, and this was […]


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  • Can anyone ever beat Aakar Patel’s Record?

    Can anyone ever beat Aakar Patel’s Record?

    Before anyone misinterprets, let me make it clear that Aakar Patel holds no enviable record. He excels in creating vilifying and malicious write-ups especially against Mr. Modi. Yes, there is an entire cottage industry comprising of Modi-baiters, but he is a class apart. Not only does he trump others, he […]

  • Battleground India

    Battleground India

    Cross-media currents and the ground realities Today there are basically three schools of thoughts in terms of analysing and understanding political currents. Even though each of these ideas might not be diametrically opposite to each other, they are definitely at variance with each other to some extent. The next electoral […]

  • The Hot Air Industry

    The Hot Air Industry

    My recent post on India’s allodoxaphobia highlighted a critical failure of the Indian government to create, nurture, and profit from think tanks and the disastrous consequences therefrom. The lack of trustworthy information and failure to declassify government records certainly has a disproportionately large impact on development. However, that should not be an […]

  • Sourcing Praveen Swami’s Story

    Sourcing Praveen Swami’s Story

    I apologise for the unusual format of this post – rather than make [x/n] chirps on twitter, I thought it best to put my thoughts in a short post. These thoughts, for whatever they are worth, are as yet incomplete and may remain so until someone has more data. Nonetheless, […]

  • The case against universal health care

    The case against universal health care

    In a recent post Ms. Meena N Swamy made an extensive case for Universal Health Care. It defines in great detail the meaning, scope and the motives for Universal Health Care (UHC). Her argument in favour of UHC rests on three points which I shall paraphrase as follows: Moral – […]

  • India vs Bharat – That’s the crux

    India vs Bharat – That’s the crux

    The recent comments of the RSS chief on the dichotomy between India and Bharat and the attention they have attracted from all quarters present a great opportunity to bring into focus what I believe is the crux of the process of finding a meaningful solution to the problem of rising […]

  • Women’s Safety and the Public Goods Argument

    The brutal gang-rape of a young woman in a moving bus in Delhi has provoked huge amount of public outrage and protests all over the country. Also, the ineffective and unresponsive state of the internal security apparatus in the country has come under attack from various quarters. Naturally, there has […]

  • Lal Salaam comrade editor

    Lal Salaam comrade editor

    Dear Mr.Editor, Your newspaper is now at the forefront of the secular crusade of ‘taking the aggression out of masculinity’. This is really a worthwhile cause. Your newspaper has been doing a wonderful work in this direction by identifying the elements of aggressive masculinity lurking behind the corners of that […]