Kurdish Sun Rising?

Kurdish Sun Rising?

The new Kurdish autonomous region has already taken up the task of forming a distinctive identity with gusto.


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    Papers not in Order

    On the recent announcement by the United Kingdom that some visitors from certain high-risk countries will have to pay a £3,000 (₹270,000) security bond.

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    First Principles

    A perspective on U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit for the fourth annual U.S.-India strategic dialogue.

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    Hurtful Allegations

    Is Israel selling weapons to Pakistan?

  • Does the Sultan Have Clothes?

    Does the Sultan Have Clothes?

    Despite the painfully thin rhetoric of Islamic brotherliness, Islamdom has never acted in a united manner.

  • Iran’s Presidential Polls

    Iran’s Presidential Polls

    Iran presidential polls – whoever wins the elections little is likely to change. No candidate will question fundamental policies such as Iran’s support of Bashar al-Assad in Syria or its nuclear programme.

  • India’s Nuclear Posturing

    India’s Nuclear Posturing

    India’s former foreign secretary and current member of the National Security Advisory Board, Shyam Saran, declared a few days ago that even the smallest of nuclear attacks by Pakistan on India would be met with a massive response. This statement is interesting for multiple reasons, not the least of which is from […]

  • China – The nature of the dragon

    China – The nature of the dragon

    On April 15, Chinese troops of about a platoon’s strength crossed the Line of Actual Control that separates India from Tibet and penetrated 10 kms into India with helicopter support and set up a frontier post. Not surprisingly, China has denied the entire incident, accusing India instead of “aggressive patrolling.” The pattern […]

  • The Price of Failure

    The Price of Failure

    Early this week, news broke that China would provide Pakistan with Chashma-5, a 1000-MW Pressurised Water Reactor. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei, not surprisingly, rejected the notion that Beijing stood in violation of several Nuclear Suppliers Group and International Atomic Energy Agency norms, claiming that Sino-Pakistani nuclear cooperation was only for peaceful purposes. The Chashma Nuclear Power […]