A country’s future and its place in the world is as much hinged upon the economic choices that it makes as upon its dominant self identity that informs its cultural persona. Its cultural persona is invariably shaped by the debate between competing narratives about its social present and its cultural […]


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  • Cheergirls


    (Updated with Prasanna’s note – I have personally used cheergirl reference in few tweets. I was castigated by a dear friend . She pointed out that word carries a  pejorative connotation. I have tried to avoid such terms after that . This post is not an editorial but anguished feedback from a […]

  • Thalipeeth


    Maharashtrian cuisine and food habits are unique like its topography, grace and hospitality. As the topography changes so does the cuisine have dramatic changes as one crosses over from the Konkan region and the steep Sahyadris to the desh or plateau region. In the Konkan region fresh water as well […]