My Experiments With Khadi

My Experiments With Khadi

Bringing in Khadi to the wardrobe is a good idea to mix a little bit of patriotism to our penny-pinching ways.


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  • A Tale of Two Cartels

    A Tale of Two Cartels

    Those known for running cartels run Indian cricket. Why would they run it better?

  • The Philosopher Prince and His Speechwriters

    The Philosopher Prince and His Speechwriters

    Having ghost written speeches for a cross-section of “leaders” in Indian business and government, I can attest that it’s a mug’s game. The brief, if you get really lucky, is a one-liner. Normal service for a speechwriter is something like this: ‘Hola LatAm! India-Nicaragua Partnership’. Two-sodding-thousand words on India’s friendship […]

  • The Write Stuff

    The Write Stuff

    Over the last five years or so, I have spent a small fortune on fountain pens. Few other expenditures have given me greater pleasure, or indulgences that have had a more civilizing effect. My passion for ink pens had a starting point in a minor feud (that continues to this day) with […]