You know you are in Goa when you can smell the Mandavior when you are mesmerized by a skyline made up entirely of coconut trees dancing in the cool breeze of the Arabian Sea. Yes, Goa is the coastal heaven of India. But there’s much much more to this tiny […]


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  • The FDI Scare and the fallacies

    The FDI Scare and the fallacies

    CRI is running a blog titled The “FDI in Retail” Conundrum (authored by my colleague at CRI, @rightwingdian) which has been very well received by a lot of people. On reading the blog, and after debating with Avinash Bhat, a friend of CRI, I thought I should probably attempt to […]

  • Wal-Mart and Small Businesses

    Wal-Mart and Small Businesses

    Below, I present a few screenshots of Wal-Mart store locations in five “rurban” US cities. An ellipse represents a privately owned small business (to the best of my knowledge) and a “star” represents a business that directly competes with Wal-Mart. I do not know who came there first, Wal-Mart or […]

  • August Madness: For the Record

    August Madness: For the Record

    The tragic past of couple of months culminated with an insecure UPA, led by Sonia Gandhi, blocking twitter handles, blogs and websites. National security was cited as the reason behind this move. The censorship issue clearly separated the wheat from the chaff as twitter celebrities and New Delhi’s TV channel […]

  • Fake DM cause mass exodus of journalist Indians from Twitter

    Fake DM cause mass exodus of journalist Indians from Twitter

    August 20, 2012 | Agencies Rumours spread through direct messages (DMs) have spooked the journalist Indian fraternity in India, who, fearing a repeat of outrage under the banner of RadiaGate, are contemplating deactivating their twitter accounts. The DMs are reported to claim release of the second tranche of the radia tapes […]

  • Try the middle stump guard

    Try the middle stump guard

    While facing a lefty who’s throwing in-swingers, it’s best not to take the offstump guard, it’s just a matter of time before you would be trapped leg before. No, I am not trying to give batting lessons, just responding to a chota mooh bada paragraph (reproduced below) “some day when the […]

  • Blow to Modi: Supporters accused of sneezing in public

    Blow to Modi: Supporters accused of sneezing in public

    Published: 10 June, 2012 Source: Agencies The recent act of sneezing in public by five supporters of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi has attracted sharp criticism from various quarters. Secular journalist Darkha Bhatt says “This is a sad reflection of the society we live in. Unnamed sources in the Congress party […]

  • A letter to Shri B Raman

    A letter to Shri B Raman

    3rd June, 2012 Shri B Raman Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi Subject: Eat the Proverbial Mango Shri B Raman, Before I jump into the subject of my letter, I want to wish you a speedyrecovery from the health issue you are dealing with. A few […]

  • Man vs Wild

    Man vs Wild

    In an interview, a former President of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was asked why KKK burns the holy cross at their meetings, an act which could be construed as something that denigrates Christ. The President whose name I do not remember is claimed to have said that burning the […]