Full meals from Andhra Pradesh!

Full meals from Andhra Pradesh!

We’ve seen food lovers write about important items from various cuisines all this week. Every item had a rejoinder though – “the cuisine is vast, and cannot be restricted to this one item”. We totally agree – to restrict a cuisine to one or two items is very difficult. And […]


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  • RTE : The Devil is in the detail

    RTE : The Devil is in the detail

    “The Ministry has received representations from several unaided and aided schools seeking clarification on the procedure to be followed for admission. The Ministry held a meeting with various stake holders on the 14th of August, 2010 to elicit their views for formulating a guideline for admissions,….“ Let’s first discuss why the date has […]

  • Spending Spree – The AP Budget

    Spending Spree – The AP Budget

    [This post co-authored by Kesava] “Continuing with the sustained efforts of the state to achieve ‘poverty-free Andhra Pradesh by 2015’…”  Thus begins the “Rural Development” section in the budget speech delivered about 10 days back, by the finance minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Anam Ramnarayana Reddy. So this government wants to achieve poverty […]

  • ...it is totally a different story when the PM himself tries to disassociate himself from the indictment of his own office!

    On the alleged vindication of our Prime Minister

    “Unfortunately, those who were expected to give proper advice to the PM and place full facts and the legal position before him failed to do so. “ So observed the Honorable Supreme Court, in a landmark judgement yesterday. The judgement was given pertaining to a case filed by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy questioning the delay in the Prime […]

  • The tax payer is the most abused person in the country

    The tax payer is the most abused person in the country

    Earn money, pay tax. Buy a vehicle, pay road tax. Buy an ice-cream, pay service tax. On all these taxes, pay more tax for “education cess”. Get “fringe benefit” from your company, pay tax. If you give “fringe benefit” to employees, pay tax. And on top of your corporate tax, […]

  • An economy in distress needs direction from an "economist" Prime Minister, but here we are - jumping with joy that the Prime Minister has decided to "review" certain "thrust areas" on a monthly basis.

    Manmohan Singh: Perform or Perish

    Thus screams the byline of this new report that is titled : “Enough is enough, Manmohan wants to pump in purpose”. After we have seen how ministers disregard his sagely advices, are we to really believe that Dr. Manmohan Singh actually means his message “perform or perish”? By that yardstick, […]

  • Andhra Jyothy: Proselytizing Unlimited!

    Andhra Jyothy: Proselytizing Unlimited!

    Andhra Jyothy is the third largest circulated newspaper in Andhra Pradesh. From November 10 to 16th, the newspaper ran a six-part series on religious conversions in AP. The following is a translation of their articles. No personal views have been recorded in any of the six parts below.  Read part […]

  • UPA 2 : When Politics Trumps Institutions

    UPA 2 : When Politics Trumps Institutions

    . ‘I have orders from above.’ When a minister of state (with independent charge) in the union Cabinet says this to his officials, what does it mean? ‘I have the blessings of my leader‘ When the Home Minister of this country is asked a question, “Do you have the confidence of your […]

  • …yet how did YSR manage to win?

    …yet how did YSR manage to win?

    The loot of Andhra Pradesh, Part-1 and Part-2 discussed in detail how much corruption seeped into the system under the Congress CM, YSR and his family. Despite all the outrage and open loot, YSR won back the elections in 2009. It is but natural to be asking and thinking how this happened if all […]