Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the ugliest episode of all? Year 2012 is a strange year for Indians, it is also probably one of the few years where Indian media had to report more stories than it created. What is the best of them? I guess jury is […]


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  • My responses to Venkat’s responses to politics of tears

    For others’ convenience: Here is Venkat’s Original article. Here was my earlier response. To my response, Venkat added a new article. Below is my response: 1. In my reverence of America’s founding fathers, Venkat raised a number of questions about those fathers. Let us remember that I did not mean […]

  • The politics of tears

    It is bad enough that I have to discuss an essential American issue in a blog-site that seeks to start a conversation about center right viewpoint relevant to Indian situation. The context here is the unfortunate shooting in a Newtown (Connecticut) school and death of twenty children and six adults. […]

  • Rhetorical Swiss-knives: Part 3

    Hammer of Intellectualism Let us begin with a quote: But I would go further. One of the principal lessons of our tragic century, which has seen so many millions of innocent lives sacrificed in schemes to improve the lot of humanity, is-beware intellectuals. Not merely should they be kept well […]

  • Rhetorical Swiss-Knives : Part 2

    Rhetorical Swiss-Knives : Part 2

    Conspiracy Theory At first glance, there was nothing wrong with that man in the village. He was a Panchayat member from a political party that long earned the fearful acronym “the party”. He was a dedicated worker who actually believed in the regular propaganda that is distributed in the name […]

  • The Rhetorical Swiss-knives – Part 1

    The Rhetorical Swiss-knives – Part 1

    It was in 2001, I was watching some kind of talk show in Doordarshan. There were three intellectuals invited, all of them were introduced as secular liberals who are doing their level best to fight the oppression by the “powerful” and promoting the voice of the poor and weak. At […]

  • Secularism – Retold

    Secularism – Retold

    Introduction Secularism is a code of duty pertaining to this life founded on considerations purely human and intended mainly for those who find theology indefinite or inadequate unreliable or unbelievable. Its essential principles are three 1 The improvement of this life by material means 2 That science is the available […]

  • Let Us Legalize Paid News

    Have you gone insane? I am expecting this very question from my readers. No, I am not. Am I also proposing to legalize bribe, prostitution or theft? No, not yet. The focus of this short post is to simply propose and justify that every body is a winner in legalization […]

  • Summer Blues and That Orange Colour

    Summer Blues and That Orange Colour

    The word “social movement”, as Wikipedia defines it, means “a coordinated group action focused on a political or social issue”. Therefore, when supporters of Anna Hazare agitation began to claim that this is a “spontaneous” movement of the people, I noted with certain sarcasm that the spontaneous movement feeds around […]