Konaseema Food Carnival

Konaseema Food Carnival

  Konaseema is a region in Andhra which has lush green paddy fields, quaint villages dotted with homes having tiled roofs, endless stretches of coconut groves, canals crisscrossing and the Godavari delta spreading out, creating mini islands or Lankas as they are called. It is a land where life moves at […]


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    Ireland and the Dilemma of Abortion

    Savita Halappanavar, seemed to be having it all, the young, good-looking 31 year old dentist from Belgaum, was settled in Ireland, along with her engineer husband, Praveen, in the town of Galway. Add to it,  she was expecting her first child, and in the words of her husband, she was […]

  • The Dragon in Africa

    The Dragon in Africa

    The tragedy of Africa is that the African has never really entered history,The African peasant only knew the eternal renewal of time marked by the endless repetition of the same gestures and the same words. In this realm of fancy there is neither room for human endeavour nor the idea […]

  • Voices of India – Andhra Pradesh

    Voices of India – Andhra Pradesh

    Warning: Please keep in mind that some of the images in this post could be really disturbing, it  was necessary keeping in view some of the  issues we were examining.  Also please note, this  feature is to show the ground reality as it is,  there is no ideological bias here. […]

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    Voices of India: Odisha

    From quite some time, I had been wanting to do a study on how 20 years of  reforms  affected the people of  India. Most of the writing on the impact of  economic  reforms  was of two types  either it  was the  Shining  India  kind. gushing about the Malls, IT companies, […]

  • Netaji: The Hero We Lost

    Netaji: The Hero We Lost

    I have said that today is the proudest day of my life. For an enslaved people, there can be no greater pride, no higher honour, than to be the first Soldier in the Army of Liberation. But this honour carries with it a corresponding responsibility and I am deeply conscious […]

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    Brazil: Beyond Soccer and Samba

    For decades  Brazil  as a nation had  some set images, associated with it.  It  was a land of  soccer crazy people, and a country that  seemed to produce great soccer players  off an assembly line.  To many up North America, it  was the place, where you went for the sun, […]

  • Complete Works of  Swami Vivekananda

    Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda

    This post was earlier published by me at  http://tinyurl.com/6wynhxl 1893, Chicago, The World Parliament of Religions – A young monk from India, dressed in orange robes, stood up to address the gathering. He bowed nervously to Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning, and started with “Sisters and Brothers of America”. The […]

  • 2011: A Review

    2011: A Review

    So another year will be soon passing into history, for scholars, academicians, historians to ponder over. They sure have a lot to think about this year though, a whole lot of stuff has happened, that has just left them struck dumbfounded not knowing what exactly to make of it. Governments […]