The frenzy in the news media that followed after the verdict was expected. Especially given that 2/3rds of the land would now be dedicated to the building of the temple. After observing the debate I made some observations that I think ought to be emphasized.

1) The verdict is based principally on the fact that none […]


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  • Mahabharata and the Indian Political Mind: A few thoughts and wonderings

    It is said about the Mahabharata that: yadihaasti tadanyatra yannehaasti na tat kvachit. This means that “what one find here you shall find elsewhere; what you do not find here does not exist.”

  • Excerpts of a Dissertation on Kautilya… and some thoughts

    http://www.scribd.com/doc/22356628/Kautilyan-antecedents-of-the-Westphalian-order-India I just came across an excerpt of a very well written dissertation written by Sunny Jiten Singh at Rutgers University titled “Kautilyan antecedents of the Westphalian order.” The title in itself was intriguing and interesting.  It provoked a rather amorphous thought which I want to share with people anyway. What the author […]

  • Hindutva and Hinduism: Personal Observations.

    Here I share some of my observations and thoughts on the nature of Hindu culture today and its relation to the Sang Parivar. This is an attempt towards creating a bigger piece on the issue of “Hindu cultural spread.” Some of the ideas are shared here.
    Conservative right and Hindu orthodoxy have often been considered […]

  • Meet The Aryans

    “The Aryan Problem”
    The background:
    Invasions are an integral part of the political history of India. The problem comes when these invasions become instrumental in forming national identities. The Aryan theory not only offers itself as the source of a certain socio-political-religious concept, but has also proved to be a point used by some people [wrongly […]

  • Kautilya and Asymmetric Warfare

    Asymmetric warfare has been a topical and an important subject since the attacks on 9/11. However, the concept of asymmetric warfare is not as new as it is sometimes made out to be. Perhaps it is the first time that asymmetric warfare has captured the attention of the American public, the media, and the administration. It is now understood that security sector reforms are needed to tackle asymmetric warfare.