Mindsnack 17: Presidency, Calcutta

Mindsnack 17: Presidency, Calcutta

Presidency, at once, brings back memories that are most cherished along with those that are murky.


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  • Of Practiced Amnesia and Kaalchaar

    Of Practiced Amnesia and Kaalchaar

    While Dhirendranath’s role in the birth of Bangladesh isn’t acknowledged by that country, we, the Bengalis of India – the patronizing neighbours, have also chosen to keep our eyes shut.

  • Happy Holidays, Mr. Tejpal

    Happy Holidays, Mr. Tejpal

    How dare you point out that pretty much like in all other cases, where the violence inflicted by men are endorsed by women, here too a man’s despotism is being sanctioned by a power hungry female?

  • Arranged Disarray

    Arranged Disarray

    “What’s the point, adding to the flurry of words? You better decide not to write on this.” This was but a rather reasonable response from a friend, when I called him up, some ten days back to know what led to Sudipto Gupta’s death, so that I could write on […]

  • Women’s Day: An Encounter

    Women’s Day: An Encounter

    “What a fool you are! I mean, seriously? That’s an insane claim! Did you even think twice before uttering that in these two years, you have never been discriminated against, in the campus, for being a woman? Tch Tch, this is what the patriarchal system does to one! Certain notions […]

  • Of  Rights and Wrongs in a Non Moral Sense

    Of Rights and Wrongs in a Non Moral Sense

    I tend to incline towards the Right side of the political spectrum and I’m wrong by default. How could I? A stray soul, a politically incorrect aberrant, a deviant who defiles the shrine of academia, a misfit…Oh! How could I dare to contaminate the sanctum sanctorum of Liberal Arts that […]

  • In Response to a junior from Presidency College

    In Response to a junior from Presidency College

    Dear Junior, The name Presidency College invokes a rather wide array of emotions in me. Even today as I walk through that gate or climb up those stairs, history whispers to me tales from a glorious past, a splendid heritage inspires reverence. I have been lucky to be taught by some of […]

  • The Karma Yogi

    The Karma Yogi

    A pair of eloquent eyes, a gaze that fixes you while not being quite intimidating, arms folded across the chest in a gait that oozes confidence and a face radiant with self assurance that comes from knowledge – As a young child I would keep staring at the calendar that […]

  • The Farce of Communism and the Man who Stood Tall

    The Farce of Communism and the Man who Stood Tall

    A sparsely lit, rather gloomy set. Some rehearsal for a play is going on. A fussy director, who is getting late for a caucus and his exasperated female assistant are touching up the last scene of a production. The protagonist; an inert being stands on a pedestal. Luke, the man […]