In Defence of the Man

In Defence of the Man

The BJP’s constitution, yes there is one, limits the holder of the President’s post to a single term. That at least is the rule, but of course there are exceptions. And that exception if press speculation is to be noted  is  Nitin Gadkari. Why Nitin you ask! Is he exceptional in any sense of the word […]


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  • Mediocre players, Terrible Game

    Mediocre players, Terrible Game

    After such a dismal performance of the UPA 2.0  any electoral victory of the Congress party should seem remarkable. And rhetorically speaking, if that victory comes from Uttar Pradesh, the triumph will presumably be lapped up emphatically enough for it to be viewed as a catalyst for Rahul’s accession to […]

  • There are limits to discretion

    There are limits to discretion

    ‘Discretion’, declared the British Jurist Lord Halsbury ‘implies that something is to be done according to the rules of reason and justice, not according to private opinion; according to law, and not humor. It is not to be arbitrary, vague and fanciful, but legal and regular’. This certainly is not […]

  • The Karnataka Question

    The Karnataka Question

    A draft report being compiled by the Karnataka Lokayukta was recently leaked to the press. Mr.Dhananjay Kumar, the state govt. representative to New Delhi rightly refused to comment on the content of the report. Propriety demands that individuals holding constitutional & party positions reserve their comments for the report’s final […]

  • Rahul for PM?

    Rahul for PM? What is Diggi Raja’s (the inventor of the nonsensical statement a day machine) most outrageous statement yet? Tough ask, you crib eh! Common, to answer this one you do not need to have an IQ of 180. Yes, the author is aware that none of the readers […]

  • Sedition 101

    Sedition 101

    There has been a fair bit of commentary on the Sedition law recently. The legal developments of the Binayak Sen Case ranging from his life imprisonment sentence awarded by the Raipur Sessions Court to the subsequent bail granted by the Supreme Court have brought a lot of attention to Section. 124 of the Indian Penal Code: the Sedition Section.

  • Intellectual Conservatism

    Intellectual Conservatism

    The conservative mind must open again for Hindu Nationalism itself is an inheritor a reformist intellectual tradition, the 19th century Hindu reformist movement of Bengal. At the core of that tradition was a emphasis on social reform to create a basis for national re-generation. This national re-generation of India as a civilization has to be the sole focus of the Right. Religion has its place in this framework, yet it cannot be the cornerstone of it.

  • The Economic and the Religious Right: Can they unite?

    The Economic and the Religious Right: Can they unite?

    “For most of human history religion has been central to the life of the mind: the intellectual elite has also been the religious elite”- ‘God is Back’ by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge The Economic Right is by its nature cerebral. It largely consists of intellectuals and the discourse is […]

  • Ayodhya and the Liberal Left

    Ayodhya and the Liberal Left In spite of being a conservative, most of the political commentary I read is that of the Liberal Left. Therefore it is only natural that one internalizes some of their arguments. In the build up to the Ayodhya verdict, after having read all the usual suspects from Vir Sanghvi to […]