Retail 101

Retail 101

Predictably enough the debate over FDI in retail (FIR) has devolved into a Right Vs. Left, Reformist Vs. Socialist, etc. dog fight. The arguments presented are inane at best.  Devoid of facts and lacking basic understanding of how a supply chain works and how it feeds a retail network. Lets make […]


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  • Political Market-Segment,Target and Deliver

    Political Market-Segment,Target and Deliver

    What explains Congress’s smug cockiness? Why does such a corrupt and uniformly non-performing entity enjoy pre-eminence in a national election race? Is an unresolved struggle for an ideological anchor reason for BJP’s electoral stagnation and Congress’s relative dominance? Should BJP abandon its historically inherent distrust for expansive government and reorient itself as […]

  • Evaluating Baba Ramdev’s Ambitions

    Evaluating Baba Ramdev’s Ambitions

    Revolutions are seldom engineered or engendered.  Revolutions unfold at their own pace, when key drivers have attained a critical mass. Once that inflection point is reached, a catalytic leader (or leadership) emerges to grab the proverbial bull by the horns.  Such a leader is blessed with all the unique qualities/traits […]

  • Cast away the caste

    Cast away the caste

    Yet another shocking incident of caste atrocity reported in Maharashtra. Out of woodwork will come few apologists to suggest that this is an isolated case The biggest stumbling block to building and sustaining  a cohesive nationhood project has been caste.  The historical origins of caste may have been rooted in a simple division […]