Realpolitik anyone?

The BJP’s Curse of being the Opposition

Or better still, the BJP’s Crime of being the BJP. Ever since the disgrace called UPA-2 came into being, as monumental crisis after monumental crisis emerged, one thing was consistent – while criticism of the sham-doers existed for the duration for which the crisis was in public memory, all the […]


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  • An Ode to Karunanidhi

    An Ode to Karunanidhi

    Even as Tamil Nadu rejoices (including me) at the fall of the DMK government (quite possibly the most corrupt ever in TN’s history), it is time to pay our respects to arguably one of the greatest political brains of India in the 20th Century. Oh yes, MuKa is definitely not […]

  • My Tete-a-Tete with a Congress Functionary

    My Tete-a-Tete with a Congress Functionary

    Guest Post by Kaushik Thinnaneri Ganesan My patriotism has not really been questioned much till now, but I think this post will erase any doubts anyone (including self) ever had about it. Maybe not. However, only “patriotism” comes closest to explaining why I engaged in a lengthy (often bordering on […]