Understanding Manik Sarkar Phenomenon

Understanding Manik Sarkar Phenomenon

Why Manik Sarkar looks set to come back to power for a 4th term Tripura is a state many would even struggle to accurately locate in map of India, leave alone remember or know there is an assembly election there this year. It falls on 14th Februray followed by declaration […]


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  • Didi of Bengal – Part 2

    Didi of Bengal – Part 2

    I had written about the rise of the mercurial Didi and 4 different phases of her political career in my first post on her. Here, in this post, I will write about the 5th phase of her political career and try to dispel many of the wrong notions about her. […]

  • Didi of Bengal – Part 1

    Didi of Bengal – Part 1

    Mamata Banerjee, the first woman CM of Bengal, appears to have emerged as the latest villainous personality of the political firmament with especially Congress allied sections of the media joining the left commentariart in pouring scorn and ceaselessly caricaturing her. Media machinery of Congress party has sensed an opportunity to shift […]