Nehru – A Great Man, a Greater Prime Minister

Nehru – A Great Man, a Greater Prime Minister

This was inspired by a post in LiveMint today, the 50th anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru’s death, which was itself modelled on a Monty Python sketch, “What did the Romans do for us?” In keeping with the Roman theme, a little “Brutus is an honorable man” was done to the LiveMint […]


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  • The Idli Vendor

    The Idli Vendor

    Interlocutors: Subramanian Venkatraman Gaius Aemilius Priscus Setting: Brihadeeshwara Temple courtyard, Thanjavur Subramanian: Ho there, Gaius! *beams* Fancy seeing you here today of all days. Is it not the two thousandth-something anniversary of your beloved city today? Gaius Aemilius Priscus: Salve, Subbu! *smiles* Yes, it is the 2, 767th anniversary of the Città Eterna…and you know […]

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    Modi’s Pivot to Asia?

    It seems Narendra Modi, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate for India’s general elections next week, is hinting at a pivot to Asia.

  • Looking for Closure on 1962

    Looking for Closure on 1962

    If India wants closure on 1962, it will not be achieved by merely one report – a massive declassification programme across ministries must be initiated.

  • A Foreign Policy for Mr. Modi

    A Foreign Policy for Mr. Modi

    Modi’s foreign policy must measure up to his domestic vision and captivate a new generation of Indians; it must be ambitious in its goals, wide in its scope, measured in its formulation, and assertive in its implementation.

  • Mindsnack #14 – The Weekend Flâneur

    Mindsnack #14 – The Weekend Flâneur

    There used to be a time when laziness was classy and required work. Flânerie connoted wealth, intellect, an active idleness, and perhaps a tinge of hedonism. In the 16th century, the term meant strolling, with an implication of idle curiosity. However, the 19th century saw flânerie rescued by several French intellectuals […]

  • Modi’s hundred cities

    Modi’s hundred cities

    On Modi’s breathtaking vision – bullet trains, a hundred new smart cities, advanced research centres, and national broadband coverage among other things.

  • Mindsnack #10: Have Some Real Fun!

    Mindsnack #10: Have Some Real Fun!

    We work very hard at our jobs. We want that promotion, that raise, or that recognition which will help us negotiate the former two at a later date. For the lucky few, it is because they genuinely enjoy what they do; for the others, it’s because that’s what they were […]

  • Déjà vu – Aam Aadmi Party edition

    Déjà vu – Aam Aadmi Party edition

    The AAP is ensuring that it follows the INC’s footsteps and leads India into the Dark Ages