Responding to the case against Hindutva

Responding to the case against Hindutva

Anyone who argues, or follows arguments, in India seems to always end up with “but, but what is definition of that “it” is? And so it is with Hindutva. Apparently no one knows what Hindutva is. After reading the latest salvo against the hitherto undefined Hindutva by Harsh Gupta  in a journal published […]


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    Who is afraid of FDI in Retail Industry?

    First off a few facts about Walmart, everyone’s favorite retail whipping boy: Of the entire $4.3trillion retail market in US, Walmart’s share is about $300 million which is about 7% of US retail market. The Walmart Story While large, it is hardly price making monopoly. Walmart was able to acquire […]

  • Dharmic Justice: A critique

    Dharmic Justice: A critique

    Two points have to be made about Satyananda’s article Dharmic Justice before looking at specifics. First, dharmic justice itself is tautological. While dharma means lot of things to lot of people, dharma itself means justice. It could also mean morality, religion, or code, among other things. Applied to a nation […]

  • Tackling Bureaucratic Corruption

    Tackling Bureaucratic Corruption

    Dr. Kaushik Basu, Chief Economic Advisor to Ministry of Finance, past and future economics professor at Columbia University, proposed, in a working paper, that changing legal status of a bribe giver would potentially reduce what he calls harassment bribes – those bribes that are demanded by babus simply because they […]

  • Thinking of Indian Right

    Thinking of Indian Right

    Being Indian Right means various things to various people – even for those who consider themselves part of Indian Right. There are those who consider core Hindu values of inclusiveness, modesty, prudence, and forbearance as societal ideal that needs to be practiced, supported, and promoted. They are comfortable, usually due […]