The Romney Challenge

The Romney Challenge

Full disclosure: Even though Mitt Romney was not my favourite candidate, I prefer him over Obama for being, well not Obama Also please read my previous post on American politics Today is the day when Americans (the real Americans that is* ) decide who will be their next head of […]


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  • Modi, interrupted? (Updated)

    Update at the end Note: As a recovering political junkie, I avoid electoral politics, but this issue has broader implications.     With his expected victory in coming Gujarat elections, Shri Narendra Modi is nearly certain to be BJP/NDA prime ministerial candidate for coming Lok Sabha elections. However I am not […]

  • Show Dont Tell

    Much of my original posting on CRI has been in way of criticism without offering any positive alternative or solution, one  reason for this, as the cliché goes, criticism is easy, other is my own political views are still work in progress (As Oscar Wilde said, “I am not young enough to […]

  • Humble appeal

    Not that anybody is going to listen to me but still… Please, for love of God, stop pretending/deluding yourself that we have some intellectually coherent “right” in India. I know why you are doing that, you have a ready-made template of political categorization in American politics, it is so much […]

  • You sanctimonious turkey!*

    Note: Usually I refrain from posting as this will drag down the quality of CRI especially since the infamous Julio-Claudian supporter joined it   but this time …. well I cant control you are  forewarned! Yes Sherna Gandhy, there is nothing demeaning about calling Uma Bharati  “Sexy Sanyasin”, or publishing innuendos about […]

  • Moment Of Gloating

    Moment Of Gloating

    Well, a very warm evening to all the enlightened readers of CRI. Now I have been keeping horribly busy for quite some time, but work must make way for important things, which is gloating on the interwebs. So without further ado, first item, By now most of you must be […]

  • Fear and Loathing in Switzerland

    Fear and Loathing in Switzerland

    (Note: Reposting orignal post from my earlier blog, relevant again in context of possible ban on Niqab by Dutch Govt.) So what exactly  is my problem with Swiss minaret ban? Now all crypto Hindu fascists are more or less gloating over the ban and I think that’s wrong. Before I […]

  • The Truth Of Indian Politics

    The Truth Of Indian Politics

    (Reposting from my previous blog)   Words have meaning, therefore they should be used only when we intend the meaning and not something different. This is basic rule of debate. Similarly care should be taken in misusing the word. The word should be misused in order to undermine the opponent’s […]

  • Aphorism: Freedom

    Aphorism: Freedom

     First step towards being free is to realize you are enslaved. Freedom is like zero gravity. Both can only be simulated in this world, and never truly achieved.