How to Out-Kejriwal Kejriwal !

How to Out-Kejriwal Kejriwal !

Kejriwal can’t be paid back in the same coin!


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  • How do you solve a problem like Kejriwal ?

    How do you solve a problem like Kejriwal ?

    Our sec-lib establishment which is desperate to stop Modi juggernaut has come around to view Kejriwal as its champion.

  • Arvind Kejriwal’s tips for performance appraisal

    Arvind Kejriwal’s tips for performance appraisal

    Light humour: How Arvind Kejriwal wants to get appraised?

  • Why Modi must fight on F.D.I.

    Why Modi must fight on F.D.I.

    Yes yes, I know what you are thinking, the answer, assuming you were trying to rob and were stopped cold by Harry Callahan, “Do I Feel Lucky”. On the other hand, the rest of you,  non-robbing people, might be thinking more in lines of “Huh,  what the hell you are […]

  • The one where Narendra Modi can’t cry.

    The one where Narendra Modi can’t cry.

    That Indian liberals harbour same sentiments for NaMo as vampires did for Buffy Summers, is possibly one of the most uncontested facts of Indian politics. Now, with the caveat that I am hardly a neutral observers to this,  for many of these liberals, Narendra Modi is just a scapegoat to […]

  • No Apologies For Mr Modi

    A short post this. On twitter podfather, raises the question which has been raised by many secularists and human beings, why doesn’t Narendra Modi express regret for post Godhra riots. I don’t claim any particular insight on Modi’s mind but here are what I believe may be the reason(s) 1. […]

  • Time To Deglamourize Budget ?

    Time To Deglamourize Budget ?

    In a comprehensive post on budget, Utsav commented, “Unfortunately, the Budget nowadays is reduced to a mere accounting exercise”. Now I know  as much about economics as the-man-with-unpronounceable-handle knows about pop culture (just kidding, even benedictine monks know more about pop culture than him), with that caveat in place I have the exact […]

  • Indian Political Discourse And Art Of Car Maintenance

    This short post is extension of the metaphor from old post. Consider a scenario, what if  we Indians drove our cars the way we drive our democracy. Well initially things appear fine, car appears to be in a perfect condition, so we start to wherever we want to go. It’s a […]

  • The Romney Challenge: Aftermath

    The Romney Challenge: Aftermath

    As all of you must know by now (unless you are a hermit living in cave, in which case how are you accessing the blog?) , Obama was able to fend off challenge by Romney, in a keenly contested election. Publicly, the Republican establishment including Romney Campaign professed shock at […]