Secularism – the definition

Secularism – the definition

  Secularism: a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations That is how the Princeton University dictionary defines it. That of course is a short description. But who coined the word? Why did he/she coin it? What did he/she mean by it? The various encyclopedias tell us that one British […]


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  • Open thread: Help chronicle events subverting constitution

    Open thread: Help chronicle events subverting constitution

    Some pretty questionable political entities have been talking of the parliament and constitution lately. Barring a few exceptions almost all such talk is shrouded in rhetoric and completely bereft of facts. And it seems that those better at rhetoric succeed in creating a favourable impression about themselves and their party. […]

  • Why cries for “no death penalty” are bogus

    Why cries for “no death penalty” are bogus

    President Pratibha Patil confirmed the death sentence awarded to former Prime Minster Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins. The sentence itself came about after a long trial process in our courts. One would think that law being followed to its logical conclusion would be welcomed by all. But this is not the case. […]

  • Debate or driving a wedge?

    Debate or driving a wedge?

    That our TV and newspaper debates have become didactic is increasingly apparent. But are they without any purpose? Without any motive? Why do opinion makers feel compelled to lead people in a certain direction? And does this direction lead people to a certain political choice while steering them away from […]

  • Why so didactic?

    Why so didactic?

    What is the overwhelming feeling one is left with when one has just experienced yet another primetime TV news debate or has read a column by our star TV journalists? Does one feel having experienced a debate? Does one feel all points of views were expressed? Does one feel the […]

  • Fanatical Secularism?

    Fanatical Secularism?

    Secularism is the belief that government or other entities should exist separately from religion and/or religious beliefs. In one sense, secularism may assert the right to be free from religious rule and teachings, and the right to freedom from governmental imposition of religion upon the people within a state that is neutral […]

  • Some popular myths revisited

    Some popular myths revisited

    Manmohan Singh is a paragon of honesty. That was true in 2004. But boy, does this sound ridiculous now or what! He was a very clever choice for the Congress party high command that could not become the Prime Minister herself. But as the past 7 years have proved, he […]

  • Only the tough get their way with Pakistan

    Only the tough get their way with Pakistan

    For far too long Pakistan has been allowed to escape the consequences of its policy of terror towards us. Absence of any retaliation has only emboldened it to carry out increasingly audacious attacks against us. It is time that we leave behind all the ideas that have failed to yield any results in all these decades.

  • Angry Kaoboy

    Angry Kaoboy

    (CRI commentariat wishes to place on record that its deeply distressed and dismayed at the news of Shri B.Raman’s ailment. We all wish him a fast recovery and hope that he continues his yeoman service to cause of heighteneing the awareness of strategic security challenges this country encounters) Open medium comes with distractions, don’t […]