Prosecuting and Polarising Media

Prosecuting and Polarising Media

Should media prosecute someone or polarize the opinions?


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  • Reinforcing colonial hangover

    Reinforcing colonial hangover

    On Reuters India’s article on Narendra Modi.

  • Beyond the script

    Beyond the script

    There are fault lines existing in India and they are growing deeper and wider. This make-believe feel-good narrative of ‘aal ij well’ doesn’t fill those fault lines, it only overlooks.

  • The left liberal syndrome

    The left liberal syndrome

    Satire: On the medical condition called Left Liberal Syndrome and its symptoms.

  • A forgotten Op-ed writer – Indulal Yagnik

    A forgotten Op-ed writer – Indulal Yagnik

    Gujarat’s architect Indulal Yagnik has been neglected, disowned & forgotten by Congress’ sycophant driven ideology.

  • Aakar patel and his caste obsession

    Aakar patel and his caste obsession

    Obsession with castes is wreaking havoc since independence and we still don’t learn. It has seeped in so deep, that even while praising Gujaratis, they cannot leave caste aside.

  • Migrating Realities – Urban Migration

    Migrating Realities – Urban Migration

    As they say, in India, politics is a sewer. It is full of filth and all sorts of evil. Communalism, fake secularism, regional parochialism, and a lot more isms that keep a common man a mile away from it, are its calling cards. Yet, when Raj Thackeray said, that ‘Bhaiyas’ (People […]

  • The Afghanistan Syndrome

    The Afghanistan Syndrome

    Back in 2001, when NATO forces, invaded Afghanistan in the search of Osama Bin Laden, apart from the other obstacles which they faced was the lack of information system. As they say, in war, truth is the first casualty and information becomes priceless. Apart from weather, terrain and terrorists, lack […]

  • Keep calm and carry on

    Keep calm and carry on

    During the Second World War, almost no other country faced as much hostility of Hitler’s Third Reich as Britain. Britain suffered arguably the most terrible warfare, with hundreds of v1 and later v2 rockets showering across London every day, destroying almost the entire city. It also suffered the most humiliating […]