Breaking a Revolution

Breaking a Revolution

I supported Anna Hazare. I supported his movement against corruption. Anna represented spontaneous middle-class anger that was directed against a corrupt establishment. Anna represented the aspiration of making India a fair and transparent democracy. I was in Delhi in August 2011 and witnessed ordinary but conscientious citizens take to the […]


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  • Hold your horses folks!

    Hold your horses folks!

    FDI in retail, it appears, has been welcomed by and large. The benefits are far too tantalizing for the consuming public: single avenue, greater choice and best of all, lower prices. The much-burdened RBI celebrates it: “FDI in retail will help cool inflation” it says. Our learned, elitist government economists […]

  • The Great Farmer Betrayal

    The Great Farmer Betrayal

    The facts are all too familiar. The Congress-led UPA Government, elected on the promise of boosting agriculture, systematically damages the very dignity of farmers. This time, the Central Government has employed the instrument of fertilizers. As the story goes, while fertilizer prices are allowed to rise unchecked, the government makes […]