India’s Tryst with Destiny

India’s Tryst with Destiny

 Since that historic speech in 1947 on the 15th of August India has come a long way. Right from the honeymoon period of 1950’s, to the turbulent 1960’s, to the angry 1970’s, to the tumultuous 80’s leading in to the aspirational 90’s and early 2000’s, India has been through a […]


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  • A Phenomenon called Narendra Modi

    A Phenomenon called Narendra Modi

    “Mana Ki Andhera Ghana Hai, Par Diya Jalana Kaha Mana Hai” Modi’s own words applies so well to his announcement as the Chief of the campaign committee for the 2014 general election.

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    Known for its economics, entrepreneurship and off late political leadership, Gujarat has a lot to offer in terms of food. The most common myth with Gujarati cuisine is that it is always sweet and all Gujaratis love some sugar in their food. The cuisine is much more than that and […]