madurai sultanate

The Editors are pleased to announce a new podcast on the CRI platform. Sandeep Balakrishna a friend of CRI and Jaideep Prabhu an Editor here will take us through the history of the Madurai Sultanate in this seven episode series. The series is an adaptation of the excellent multi-post write up on the topic published by Sandeep.

The Madurai Sultanate is in many way a historical oddity – in its time the lone Muslim kingdom to have risen midst the sea of Hindu South India. Its story is a compelling introduction to the history and dynamics of the Southern Kingdoms.

South India Map

Episode 1 : The Ante-Bellum South of India

The chaos, the instability, and changing dynasties of the Southern Kingdoms. [Download]

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Episode 2: The Hurricane known as Malik Kafur

A eunuch leads the first Islamic incursions into South India, leaving
only devastation in his wake. [Download]

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Episode 3: Mubarak Shah and his Lover

Khusrav Shah puts his bloody stamp on South India. [Download]

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Episode 4: Muhammad bin Tughlaq

A Emperor’s penchant for “biryani” and Tughlaq’s dark side  [Download]

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Episode 5: Establishment of the Madurai Sultanate

Breaking away from Delhi – an opportunistic courtier parts ways with Delhi [Download]

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Episode 6:The Fall of the Madurai Sultanate

The End of an Experiment – unable to sustain the kingdom in a sea of Hindu kingdoms, the Sultanate falls.[Download]

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