Below is a scanned document located in the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library. It was located in a 2009 research visit in the midst of some files on nuclear security (private papers of PN Haksar if I remember correctly). In any case, the document below DOES NOT provide any evidence of conspiracy or sabotage. However, that the Intelligence Bureau kept a close eye on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is in itself worthy of being a news item. Why did the IB do so? By whom was it authorised? On what grounds? It is troubling to think that the Indian state can spy on its own people without any warrant (if that is the case) or oversight. In the very least, this document gives at least some credence to the Sangh paranoia of the state keeping close tabs on it.

For those who think this document proves nothing, ask yourselves this – does the government have similar records on the Tiny Tots Summer Camp 2011?

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