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Dear All,

In line with our ambition to nurture a culture of healthy debate, we are, starting this month launching a series called “Charcha” under the banner of Jijnasa.

“Charcha” will essentially focus on internal debate, an exchange of ideas within the extended Jijnasa community that intends to be more informal yet impactful. Each one of us is a contributor to this series. It is open to you and those you think would be inclined to join.
The first session of “Charcha” will be addressed by Jaideep Prabhu and he will talk on “India’s Nuclear Ambitions – How Real Are They?

Jaideep is pursuing his PhD at Vanderbelt University, USA, and his dissertation is on Indian nuclear policy, 1947-1974. He also edits the Centre Right India site.

Jaideep maintains his own blog called “Chaturanga” and you can read more of his writings there.

Venue : Legislators House (Behind Vidhan Souda)
Time : 4:30 pm
Day and Date : Saturday, 13 October, 2012

We look forward to seeing you. Please feel free to invite your family and friends.

Jijnasa CESS

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Jaideep A. Prabhu is a specialist in foreign and nuclear policy; he also pokes his nose in energy and defence related matters.

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