Unfortunately, those who were expected to give proper advice to the PM and place full facts and the legal position before him failed to do so. “

So observed the Honorable Supreme Court, in a landmark judgement yesterday. The judgement was given pertaining to a case filed by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy questioning the delay in the Prime Minister’s response for his request to prosecute A. Raja.

 Read it again – the court has indicted the Prime Minister’s office for misleading the Prime Minister.

 Now, the Prime Minister’s office is on twitter. Yesterday, the PMO asked us to “standby for a statement from the Prime Minister’s office” on this judgement. We all stood by.

 Then came these two tweets (am combining them into one here, emphasis mine):

“We welcome the fact that both the learned judges have completely vindicated the Prime Minister whilst appreciating the onerous duties of his office. Government is examining their directions regarding the manner in which applications for sanctions are to be dealt with.”

Since this is a statement coming from the PMO and since it is commenting on something as important as a Supreme Court judgement, I am assuming this was cleared by the PM himself.

 Folks – I want you to read it again.

This Prime Minister has expressed glee and supreme happiness that he has been personally vindicated despite the fact that his office has been indicted by the highest court of the land. In any basic leadership class while in college or in our offices, one of the main things we are taught is to standby the team – seldom are we asked to separate ourselves from the team.

...it is totally a different story when the PM himself tries to disassociate himself from the indictment of his own office!

 If that is the expectation from mere “team leaders” in work places, then what about the highest political authority of the country, the Prime Minister? It is one thing for the Supreme Court (or any outside authority) to try to separate the PM from the PMO – but it is totally a different story when the PM himself tries to disassociate himself from the indictment of his office!

 Let us also assume that my assumption that the PM cleared this statement is wrong. Then this is even more dangerous – some official in his office is taking the liberty to issue random statements on important matters – which basically means this PM has no hold on his office!

 Which is worse folks? A PM expressing glee over his office being indicted and him being vindicated? Or a PM who has absolutely no control on what happens in his office?

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