The Union Minister of Communications and Information Technology (and HRD as well, for good measure) Kapil Sibal had another of his sensational press conferences post the landmark Supreme Court judgement revoking a large number of 2G spectrum licenses approved by the UPA government. He came up with a set of claims and allegations that are most bizarre and so strange that one wonders how Sibal got where he has reached.

The Lok Sabha member from Chandini Chowk as we all know has already given much cause for his electorate to be ashamed of him. He is infamous for his ‘zero-loss’ moment when in order to defend the UPA government’s record against the CAG’s stinging report he alleged that the government exchequer had in reality suffered no loss whatsoever.  The good men of the Right may have spent decades of time (collectively speaking!) in mustering and expressing all the outrage they can in social media, in op-eds and columns against this man’s offence against common sense. Yet despite all the witty-insults and well cloaked name callings this national champion of foot-in-the-mouthness seems unstoppable.

What explains a repeat of his notoriously bizarre habit of making outrageous statements at press conferences? Kapil Sibal’s acts of eccentricity and certified tomfoolery definitely seem slightly more than products of instantaneous extempore that he is used to exhibiting with his fawning ‘literary’ fans. Can it be that one of the country’s very successful high-profile lawyers is so appallingly callous and brazen in his claims as we are led to believe?

If Kapil Sibal is done with his circus he has some serious questions to answer..

The man intends to create a flutter, disrupt the natural course of discourse – which would of-course lead to uncomfortable questions and him having to answer them. He is intent on brazening it out. It helps that most of those that are charged with the professional and moral duty to hold him accountable in the fourth estate are either complete dunces or comfortably complicit. There is also the issue of making up for the Prime Minister’s communication skills which at last check was rated slightly less than that of a deer caught in a headlight.

A serious polity no matter how less it is evolved should accord ‘zero’ respectability to antics such as being staged by Kapil Sibal. Neither the Opposition nor the conscientious commentariat must waste time dwelling on such intentionally frivilous and politically adolescent acts.  No, it is not funny anymore. If Kapil Sibal is done with his circus he has some serious questions to answer.

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