In the trouble torn state of Manipur yet another assembly election has arrived. Election is a beautiful opportunity in a democratic set up where one gets his due chance once in five years to exercise his rights. But the question is how far it holds true in our state? State has witnessed many unfortunate events n the last decade. Some political parties had even gone to the extent of calling it “the darkest decade”. But as an ordinary citizen do you accept this tag? Certainly. Being a man from the capital city itself I can see how the present congress led government runs the show. In fact they have ruling the state for the last 10 years . There is no credibility for the government as such to run the state. But it’s only the blessings of the so called Congress high command they could manage to be in power. As a citizen of the country we do not even trust the government at the centre led by Congress party. The number of the scams taking place, the unwillingness to introduce the Jan-LokPal Bill proposed by Shri Anna Hazare and his team, series of terrorist attacks are just a few of them.

In Manipur there is this unfortunate nexus between the government and the terrorist. And that’s the reason why I said the assembly elections are going to be a farce. The Chief Minister holds the home portfolio and uses the police personals in his power personal choices. This criticism has come from none other than his senior cabinet colleague Shri Y. Irabot Singh, the sericulture minister. So much misuse has been done by him that few days back the D.G.P Shri Joykumar was shunted out from his post. All after 5 political parties complaint against him to the Chief Election Commission S.Y.Qureshi. The allegations are so true it seems that the Chief Minister uses the police personal against his political opponents.

As a citizen of this state we know that this Government does not tolerate anyone trying to expose their misdeeds. The late S.D.O Shri Kishan paid with his life when he exposed the government NSCN(IM) links . Professor Islamuddin of the Manipur University was shot dead in his own campus trying to expose government irregularities in the University. One Mr. Krishnadas who tried to expose Congress MLA Surchandra was brutally killed. These are some of the names and the list is endless. It’s a ‘Jungle Raj’ of sort. There is utter lawlessness in the state. The carrot and the stick method is the only language the government seems to know. Right at the heart of the capital city infrastructure is horrible. The roads are dugged out, dusts all around, there isn’t enough drinking water, and there is no electricity. It’s like the Stone Age. The resentment against the government has become an all-time high. Our lifeline of the national highways has been cut off for consecutive months. We were standing for 24 hours just for a litre of petrol. A gas cylinder was costing Rs.2000 at the black market. The prime minister, UPA chairperson and the home minister had even come. But instead of doing anything they campaigned for Congress votes and left.

Such is the plight of the Manipuris. Coming back to the elections as I said earlier we don’t expect miracles. Congress has started campaigning in a huge way. With all the huge money they have looted from the public they are organising meetings and get together in a large way. Free gifts and cash are doted out like anything. Nobody in the state seem to be in a working mood as they are running after this so called free gifts. The citizens are of the opinion that why not loot them now, given that they have been looting us. The opposition parties are egging the voters to take cash out from the congress but not vote for them. But will the voters listen? As usual voters in the state are an ignorant and scared lot. To the ignorant the government bribes them, to the informed they use pressure tactics.

The interesting part is that half the Congress legislatures were either terrorists or contractors working hand in gloves with the terrorists. And that’s the reason I said we don’t expect miracles nor do we trust this so called democratic exercise. 

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