The Editors are happy to announce that another bunch of insightful writers have signed up as Resident Commentators – all for the cause.

WordOfTheFree joins us to make sure there is a Dravidians quorum  in this community. He intends to campaign for the Jalebi to be declared our national dessert.

GirishLN will write regularly for us just so the editors would stop annoying him. He is also tired of paying for all those idly-sambhars and pongal-vadai every time editors meet him in an effort to convince him to join the team.

Sunanda Vashisht joins us as well. Of-course we are happy to provide 24 hour spell-checker and proof reading (and manual dish-washer) services she has requested.

Trishool will write for CRI on the condition that we will not impose production quotas, licensing requirements or minimum wages.

Karmasura would continue writing more of those brilliant reviews. The editors are trying to get him to pen down some culinary tips as well but he declined to reveal his secrets.

Ratnakar, a senior blogger, has also signed up. He shall write until the day the last oil-tyrant is thrown off power!

As is usual we will help new members divorce their spouses, lose their day jobs and miss mortgage payments in-order to facilitate their involvement in building up CRI as the premier centre-right/alternative opinions outlet.