We are in the last day of this year’s Georgian Calendar and see what some people have said.

Pankaj Pachauri: “Investing 1 year’s Ganapti festival expenditure on security in Mumbai markets can save many lives. Mumbai has to decide.”

Rahul Gandhi: “It is very difficult to stop any single terrorist attack, 99 percent of the attacks have been stopped. “

Narayana Murthy:” I and Nandan Nilekeni feel that we are Capitalists in mind and Socialists at heart” (Check for the exact quote, this was told on CNN-IBN interview to Sagarika Ghose – he may have said this even before 2011 – verify.)

Vir Sanghvi: ‘Radia Tapes Weren’t Authentic, They Were Manipulated’.

Sagarika Ghose: “Notes from Bangkok airport: Indian males as a species must be the ugliest in the world! The ones on Twitter sound ugly too!”

Kapil Sibal: “If backward classes, minority religions are not taken care of in the Lokpal, who will take care of them? Narendar Modi?”

Lalu Prasad Yadav : Check for the quote – ‘Phansi ka Phanda’ on Lokpal Bill in parliament. – Freudian slip

Farah Naqvi: “Let this be stated upfront. Muslims need not be apologetic at all in demanding a law positively biased towards them when it comes to the issue of targeted violence” (On the Communal Violence Bill)

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