Rajiv Malhotra will address students at IIT Madras on Nov 17, Thursday. The program begins with a critical review of the book “Being Different” by Prof. Venkat R. Krishnan of Great Lakes Institute  and Prof. Sreekumar, Professor of Philosophy, IITM.

This will be followed by an address by Rajiv Malhotra, the author of “Being Different”.

We expect the program to last for about an hour and a half.  The program will be held in Central Lecture Theater (CLT) at IIT-Madras and is open to public.

Tata Book House will display the book “Being Different” at a book stall they will set up outside CLT on behalf of Harper Collins. Copies will be available for sale.

Date: 17th November 2011, Time : 7:30 PM, Venue: Central Lecutre Theater (CLT), IIT-Madras (Entry open to public)

Please see official notification.

In Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism, thinker and philosopher Rajiv Malhotra addresses the challenge of a direct and honest engagement on differences, by reversing the gaze, repositioning India from being the observed to the observer and looking at the West from the dharmic point of view.

In doing so, he challenges many hitherto unexamined beliefs that both sides hold about themselves and each other. He highlights that while unique historical revelations are the basis for Western religions, dharma emphasizes self-realization in the body here and now. He also points out the integral unity that underpins dharma’s metaphysics and contrasts this with Western thought and history as a synthetic unity.

Erudite and engaging, Being Different critiques fashionable reductive translations and analyses the West’s anxiety over difference and fixation for order which contrast the creative role of chaos in dharma. It concludes with a rebuttal of Western claims of universalism, while recommending a multi-cultural worldview.
(From HarperCollins Publishers India Ltd.)