Slutwalk has arrived in India. Organisers of the Indianised version seem to have requested that those participating wear everyday attires. I do not know if it was a localisation strategy or an attempt to take the blunt off the in your faceness of the name ‘Slutwalk’ , but the organisers have decided to call themselves ‘Besharmi Morcha’.

As expected some imbecile appears to have mouthed off  inanities and – you guessed it right – outrage ensued for a good amount of time on Twitter and other usual outlets.

This usual cycle of some unknown individual blabbering inanities being followed by generous amount of equally inane outrage won’t be so tiring if it were not so regularly recurring. We appear to have lost all sense of proportions and are surely on the way to becoming  country of outrage if we are not one already. Worse, even before you can recover from all the news pouring in you would have been hanged, drawn and quartered for not condemning such acts of barbarity.

You see, the trouble is all this contrived outrage isn’t really helping the cause of diligent news analysis. Too much energy gets wasted in these online Tete-a-tetes and very few bother to keep a tab on issues that matter. Best to give it a pass.

And if folks really want to walk – well, they will.

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